Pepipost at the Quora World Meetup 2017

Pepipost at the Quora World Meetup 2017

Posted under Company , Events on November 20, 2017

#QuoraWorldMeetup #Mumbai 2017

quora world meetup mumbai 2017

As a tech startup we really love to attend open source and community events, meet people who share our interests and share ideas, best practices and startup lessons. Attending the World Quora meetup in Mumbai was an amazing opportunity to meet fellow Quorans and interact with them. Quora has 200 million monthly users worldwide, with India drawing significant amount of traffic. It’s hard to miss the event that brings together users of the world’s largest ‘knowledge network’.

quora 200 million monthly users

My personal recount of the experience at World Quora Meetup

What I was seeking from the meetup:

I’m new to Quora but knew it is a powerful platform for community engagement and knowledge sharing. As lot of experienced quorans were expected at the meetup, I looked forward to some great and meaningful interactions with them. I was keen to learn how tech startups and businesses can benefit from Quora, what are some of the best practices for using quora etc.

What happened on the Meetup Day?

Oh I would like to be little dramatic here and share my experience.

How about going to a place and spending more than 3 hrs where you don’t even know a single person and when you’re leaving you feel ‘Wow, it was kind of amazing!’ That’s what sums up my experience at #QUORAWORLDMEETUP2017 #Mumbai.

Refer to my answer on How was your experience at the Quora World Meetup in Mumbai on 11th November 2017?


It’s crazy to learn so many things in a single day and meet so many talented people from diverse backgrounds – techpreneurs, startup folks, kids with innovative ideas about mobile tech and drones, storytellers, stand-up comedians and the likes. The room was just full of talent.

Here is what we learnt at the meetup:

  1. How do you write great answers on Quora:

  • Absolute first make sure your answer addresses the question, lot of time we get carried away to make the answer interesting or controversial.
  • Make sure your answer adds value and not just another perspective to the question.
  • Format the answer in such a way that it can be simply understood and can be referred by others
  • If quoting facts, numbers or historical data don’t forget to mention the source
  1. How can startups and businesses can benefit from Quora:

  • There is no perfect answer to this. What I learnt is that if Pepipost as an email delivery specialist can talk about everything we know on email technology and questions floating around the same on Quora, we will establish ourselves as thought leaders and mavens in this space.
  • For every answer you write, leave relevant blog links or knowledge sharing links of Pepipost so that for more details readers can even come to your website.
  • As an industry thought leader, you can invite questions related to certain topics and have open forum or discussion with audience who can be their customers in future
  • One of the don’ts of Quora is not to put affiliate links to generate sales leads as that can be removed by Quora. Hence don’t even try to put links that are out of context.

Was my agenda fulfilled?

Yes, to a lot of extent the meetup gave me a good learning and perspective. I saw seemingly introvert people having a huge following for their views and opinions on Quora. I learnt how Quora can add value to any organization or startup, how one can write good or great answers and what are some of the best practices of writing on Quora. One of the important things to remember is –

It’s not necessary that the most upvoted answer is the best answer. The answer should add value and address question to be a great answer.

This was my first Quora Meetup experience and I absolutely loved it! The Quora Meetup happened across the globe, did you attend one? What was your experience like? Eager to hear your thoughts.

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