Product Enhancement: Subaccounts

Product Enhancement: Subaccounts

Posted under Product on June 19, 2018

The habit of listening to our users while designing our product roadmap and making enhancements to the product has helped us to launch some great features (real-time analytics, live feeds to name few).

This time we’ve made some enhancements to our subuser management (now subaccounts) after receiving few inputs from our clients. With our belief in not differentiating between users, the subaccounts feature is available for all (free and paid, both).

Subaccount feature will come handy to users who were to separate their transactional and promotional emailing streams, managing multiple clients or different business units all from your Pepipost account.


Master Accounts: This refers to the account from which all subaccounts originate.

Subaccounts: Different accounts created to support different emailing stream, business units or clients.

Highlights of subaccount features:

You will be able to:

  • Create and manage multiple subaccount (max 15)
  • Temporarily disable or enable disabled subaccount
  • Permanently delete subaccount
  • Monitor reputation of subaccount

– Master account can view analytics of all/individual subaccounts

  • Centralize account billing

– Billing will be handled by master account

– Master can control the number of emails sent by its subaccounts

  • Allocate email credits to subaccounts e.g. one-time credit, unlimited
  • Control sending domains for subaccounts

-Share whitelisted domain of master, so that sub account can start sending emails without going again for the domain verification and authentication process. Also, this adds another layer of security by giving the master the control to decide on what all domains a subaccount should be using to send emails.

-Master can block or allow the subaccount from adding any new domain

Let’s deep dive into Subaccounts

Know all about the Master(account)

Creating subaccounts: Administrators within your business can create as much as 15 subaccounts. Creating a subaccount can be done either via the Pepipost panel. When a subaccount is initially created, an API key unique to that subaccount will be created.

Real-time analytics:

Master account can filter analytics by a single subaccount within the Pepipost panel. This analytics window covers the following emailing activities.

  • Request
  • Delivered
  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Unsubscribes
  • Abuses

These statistics call be viewed by master in Analytics>subaccount statistics.

Manage subaccounts:

Manage subaccounts

Master account can manage following things of a subaccount

1. Mode of Credit Allocation

mode of credit allocation

Master can choose a preferred manner of allocation email credits to its subaccount. The default option is One-time Credit and other being Unlimited.

a. One-time credit

one-time credit

On selecting one-time Credit, the master account will be able to Add/Remove credits from the credits remaining in that particular subaccount.

one-time credits

To make the addition of email credits an automated thing, the master account can add credits on a recurring basis. This can be made on/off.

recurring credit allocation

b. Unlimited

In this type of credit allocation, there will be no set upper limit, email credits will be directly deducted from that of the master account.

2. Manage Sending Domains

Now, the master account can share the verified domain with its subaccount.

manage sending domains

By checking the box Allow subaccount to add their own sending domains, master grants permission to subaccount to add the domain of their own choice.

3. Disable subaccount(s)

Master has the right to temporarily disable the subaccount. Once it’s disabled, the subaccount will not be able to carry out any activities.

4. Delete subaccount(s)

Master holds the right to permanently delete subaccount(s)

Note: Free master account will not have the option of unlimited credit type. As there’s an upper cap of max. 30K/month for the master account.


Master can view all the credit allocations by clicking on billing>subaccount log.  Here, the master account has a view of overall usage across subaccounts.

subaccount log

Switch to Credit Activity Log screen to get an overview of credit allocations across subaccounts

What else in subaccount?

Subaccount analytics in master account:

In the master account, one can view live statistics of all the subaccounts. The view can be filtered based on subaccount(s).


Subaccounts have all the features as that in master account, except its own billing (as it is handled by master account). However, subaccount will be able to view under which mode of credit allocation that subaccounts falls. A subaccount cannot create its subaccounts.

Subaccount can also view the credit allocation history to its account by clicking on Billing>Account Log

As said before, we love hearing out to you guys. So, drop in your feature requests below and you can expect them going live in the next sprint 🙂


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