Pepipost and Traqli Join Hands to Clean the Email Eco-system!

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Since its inception, Pepipost has come a long way in establishing itself as a trusted name in the field of Transactional Emails. With “clean email eco-system” as its core focus and philosophy, Pepipost strives to deliver relevant emails, and not add spams to already spam-ridden inboxes.

To further its mission of providing quality services, Pepipost announces its partnership with Traqli - a SaaS product. Together, they intend to re-invent the way their customers view e-mails.

Traqli is a product powered by Newzmate- a Polish company with offices in the US and Ukraine. By leveraging machine learning technology based on user behavior and content semantic analysis, Traqli delivers personalized content recommendations and contextually targeted advertising in emails. Traqli helps publishers to personalize their dialog with readers as well as grow their revenue through a fully automated system for content selection and delivery.

One of the main goals of Pepipost’s partnership with Traqli is to help its clients improve the personalisation of the e-mails. As Traqli identifies users’ preferences, it has the ability to generate highly relevant content and ads recommendations for each subscriber. So, the users receive highly personalised emails that are relevant to them and not just generic marketing emails that might not be of any interest or use. And this is how Pepipost and Traqli look forward to moving towards a clean email eco-system.

Sending such quality emails would not only benefit the companies who make use of these emails, but also the customers who receive them.

About Newzmate

Newzmate has been in the market for over three years now, but for the last two years, it has been focusing on personalizing the user experience for content driven and e-commerce companies.  The essence of the product is personalized content and ad recommendations driven by machine learning technology based on user behaviour and content semantic analysis data.

With Traqli’s help, its clients have been able to achieve:

- Increased of CTR on 120%.
- Increased traffic quality on 100% (page views, time per one session)
- Retention of your audience
- Monetization and revenue growth possibility. Traqli integrates with different native platforms and display advertising networks, and can provide relevant ad recommendations within your emails.

Newzmate’s CEO, Alexei Chapko comments about the partnership with Pepipost:

“Newzmate spent quite a lot of time to find the replacement for our previous email service provider and Pepipost provided the best customer service, deliverability level, and pricing structure. In addition to effective transactional service, we also discovered with Pepipost a great opportunity, where we can join our efforts in the area of efficient deliverability and effective audience engagement and retention.”

To know more about Traqli, please visit:

In light of this, we’re thrilled to offer Pepipost+Traqli as a package offering for customers in publishing and e-commerce space!

To learn more about Traqli personalization and how to add it to your email marketing flow, write to us at:


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