Pepipost celebrates Developers’ Month this October

Pepipost celebrates Developers’ Month this October

Posted under Company , Developer , Events on September 29, 2017

Developers change the world – Solving problems, bringing joy and making lives easy.

Whether it’s connecting gadgets or connecting people, developers play an important role in our everyday lives. They are the creative minds behind computer programs who live and breathe code. Pepipost, an email delivery service by developers for developers, celebrates October as Developers’ Month. A month dedicated to the developer community in recognition to their contribution to the world.

What to look forward to in Developers’ Month

During this month long celebration, developers will get to have some fun and learn some things. Here’s a sneak peak –

  • A collection of useful blogs and articles about various trending topics just for developers
  • A global forum for dev discussions and conversations about life as a developer
  • What developers do for fun
  • Motivational, inspiring, thought provoking and sometimes funny quotes & infographics by developers about developers
  • Coding challenge – A great way to learn code, solve challenges and unlock freebies. (Stay tuned for more on this!)
  • Quizzes, virtual events, webinars & podcasts

We encourage developers from across the globe to enthusiastically participate in the Developers’ Month and make it a huge success!

Why October is Developers’ Month

Here’s a fun infographic 🙂

Developer month infographic

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