Pepipost- Behind the Scenes

Pepipost- Behind the Scenes

Posted under Company , Startup on December 11, 2015

Isn’t the first day at your new job always the hardest? Having joined Pepipost a while back, I am still getting used to life around here.

Pepipost caters to businesses and people of whom I personally wasn’t aware of before I began working here. However, the work that we do is gaining a lot of attention by companies in the business sector that require our services. Hence, we are growing at a very high speed. In order to able to fully understand the rate at which we are growing as a company and to grasp the extent of it, my co-workers have been filling me in on various aspects of the company.

Following is a culmination of what I have learnt.

    When you work in a start up company, there is an unspoken freedom.  There is a sense of urgency to achieve as much as you can in a limited time frame but also the joy of being your own boss. Pepipost, however, has no “Boss”. Every Pepi (as we address ourselves) is an equal part of the company. This is because; we look at a Pepi as an individual and not as a set of checklists. As we work, we are taught the different mottoes and mantras that we hold dear at Pepipost.
    “Move fast and break things” seems to be the motto, our number one motto. Moving past every obstacle, surging ahead, we are crossing business barriers and landmarks far sooner than we had imagined. But, if you ask any of the co-founders what is the success mantra that is followed at Pepipost, in all their humility, they will admit that they have no such mantra. “Do exactly what you decide on, regardless of how crazy the goal may seem” is what I was told the first day that I began work. Initially, it seemed absurd, but slowly, I realized that that mantra is actually at the core of everything that we do at Pepipost. And it is what makes us tick.
    Which brings me to my next point about this company.
    One of the first things explained to me, as a newbie, was our unique pricing model. It is different from all of the pricing options offered by other Transactional E-mail Service Providers and this is where our strength lies. You only pay for emails that are not opened by your customers. Emails that are clicked, opened or engaged with will always be free. The more your customer engagement is, lesser will be your marketing spends. This means, the entire pricing model is in your hands.For example, if you send 10K transactional emails and the open rate is 60%, then you pay only for the rest 40% i.e. 4K emails that were not opened and that also at a very competitive pricing of $1 for 5000 not opened emails.  6K emails will be delivered free of cost – without asking for a penny from your pocket.With such a competitive pricing, we are completely transparent with our pricing plans with no hidden fees or slabs. You pay for what doesn’t get opened. That’s it.
    Along side teaching me about our company, I was shown a site on which our company was mentioned and lots of our customer has given positive reviews about Pepipost. That was really exciting for me and then I felt that I am at the right place to work.
    You can also have a look: are numerous other similar sites with such ratings which will be mentioned in the coming blogs. Stay tuned!
    Our company began in the early months of 2015. With a close knit group of hard-working individuals, Pepipost is the fastest growing transactional Email Service Provider in India. Almost all of our competitors are international companies. Therefore, whatever we do, we are learning as we go along. And we are eager to learn all that we can, as well. Our founders, all come with their own experiences and knowledge in the field of software development and are a group of constantly evolving individuals. Each member is treated as a unique individual and not as a checklist of skills, as mentioned before. This keeps us grounded and helps us maintain the bond we share.
    Pepipost is built on the philosophy to encourage good senders and to keep the email eco-system clean. 85% of today’s email is Spam and we don’t want to add up to that. Therefore, unlike some of the other companies in this field, Pepipost offers only Transactional or triggered Emails.We are also equipped with a very good server scalability which helps us deliver your emails promptly.

After having learnt so much about this new company I am coming to call my own, I realize that I have only scratched the surface. With layers of hard-work and determination to back them up, we at Pepipost are working as hard as one possibly could to make your business a success. We strive to make your business and your dreams a reality, because we at Pepipost know the cost of dreaming with your eyes open.

Finally, we at Pepipost, Thank you for supporting us and encouraging us. Because of your feedback, we push ourselves to continue creating this service that you love.

Also, for more information on our cloud based e-mail delivery platform, shoot us at

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