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We have released the newest version of Pepipost APIs (5.0) and updated our libraries. Version 5.0 introduces some excellent features which add real value in Pepipost email workflow and includes improvements in managing domains, suppression, and subaccounts.

We have also introduced a new feature in our Send Email API - schedule - which allows you to determine the delivery time of an email within the next 72 hours.

Additionally, we're working on some essential enhancements & new developments to expand the collection of APIs in v5. You can track the changes in our v5.0 changelog [] or keep an eye out for our next product communication.

Lastly, we are planning to deprecate API version 1.0 by the end of September, so we want to urge our users to integrate the new version.

Here's a quick summary of all that is new in Pepipost v5.0

Send Email API

  • The API allows copying multiple recipients in 'To', 'Cc', and 'Bcc' fields.
  • You can send an attachment specific to a recipient/recipient list, while also sending a generic attachment to all the recipients within the API call.
  • You can now schedule an email in advance.
  • The error response of each API is now structured to give a clear picture of the failure & possible remedies.

Events API

We have been sitting on this API for months now. We created a focus group of clients who used this API to fetch logs and tracked their performance. The aim was to provide a structured & efficient method of fetching logs, and we have achieved that aim.

Domain API

  • We now provide a Domain ID on the addition of every domain. You can choose to use the domain ID to keep track of status or fetch the DNS records.
  • We have added two new endpoints to complete our domain API suite:
    • /domain/getDomains - API to get a list of domains in your account.
    • /domain/delete - API to delete a domain.

Suppression API

Managing your suppression list using APIs is more convenient now. The new Suppression API allows you to suppress multiple email addresses and domains in a single call.

Subaccount API

Subaccount APIs were the largest bundle within Pepipost APIs and quite honestly it needed some trimming. We identified areas of redundancy and created a revised list of APIs which should provide you with better user experience while using them.

Please check the code samples [] in the API documentation to have a better understanding of some of the new changes. 

As always, we rely on your feedback to improve our service. If you have any recommendations or if you find a bug with the API, please report it to

If you need immediate assistance with any query or concern, please chat with our customer care executive over the chat or send a mail to

Other Product Updates:

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Data Retention Policy
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