Pepipost Crosses 10,000 Customers Milestone

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From 0 to 10,000 customers, it’s been an incredible journey for us at Pepipost.

We are excited to announce that Pepipost has hit an awesome milestone, weeks before its second anniversary. We are absolutely thrilled and thank each and every one of our customers for believing in our philosophy and joining us in building a clean email ecosystem.

Our 10k run has been fantastic!

Our startup journey has been like a marathon; filled with excitement, anticipation and possibly uncertainty. Resilience and perseverance set the momentum and helped us see through the roller coaster ride.

Today we feel ecstatic reaching the 10k milestone. It’s the beginning of a whole new race for us. We are geared up and look forward to many more milestones.

Here’s an infographic on how we got there.

Pepipost 10,000 customers milestone


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