By September 29, 2017

Why prefer Redis over others?

Most of the developers nowadays would have heard about Redis ( Redis is one of…

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By September 27, 2017

Announcing Pepipost Newsletter!

Want to get started on something but kept putting it off. Doesn’t this happen to…

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By September 26, 2017

What is a Spam Trap? How to Avoid them?

The word Spam trap looks too easy to elucidate as it gives out simple and…

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By September 11, 2017

The story of my virtual internship

Rewind 4 years. Fresh out of graduation, I was faced with two basic choices –…

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By August 28, 2017

SendGrid Migration Guide

SendGrid migration to Pepipost – Is it complicated? Switching from an ESP can seem like…

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By July 26, 2017

Role of CTA in your email

How do our campaigns compare? As a digital marketer, you are always hungry for quality…

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By July 12, 2017

IP reputation is no longer enough for inbox delivery

“Over a period of time, the importance of IP reputation will slowly fade away, and…

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By June 17, 2017

Dedicated IP Address for Email Marketing: Do I need it?

Dedicated IP address can do wonders to your email program, or so you’ve heard. But…

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By June 15, 2017

New Feature: Subuser Management

Did you notice anything new on your Pepipost dashboard today? The much awaited Subuser Management…

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