Our fruitful journey at Websummit – the best technology conference.

Our fruitful journey at Websummit – the best technology conference.

Posted under Events , Startup on December 2, 2015

We, a start-up company that helps other businesses flourish by sending transactional and triggered emails, recently exhibited at the “Best Technology Conference on the planet”: Websummit. With our unique pricing system and dedicated team of professionals, Pepipost is like an anthill in the business world- starting slowly but gaining speed and building a strong base as we move along.  Having begun our journey in the beginning of 2015, we represent ourselves with our Mascot, whom we’ve named “Pepi”.


[Pepi Mascot @ WebSummit]

Relatively new in the e-business circle it’s important for us to make ourselves known in the technological business world. Our participation in the WebSummit (2015) gave us this opportunity and we achieved a great response.

The fifth edition of WebSummit experienced a wide range of attendees, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to fast growing start-ups. Well-marketed companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon participated too. And of course, numerous start-ups like Pepipost. It was a 3 days conference, where different companies showcased themselves and marketed their offerings.

The event was considered a big win for us as we dedicated our first two days marketing ourselves and making our presence known at the conference. Our marketing strategy turned out to be effective as a lot of visitors were attracted towards our exhibit.

Well-known business delegates also stepped into our booth, amongst who were the Former-CEO of Apple, John Sculley and the CEO of Zetainteractive, David Steinberg at our booth.


[Former-CEO of Apple, John Sculley and the CEO of Zetainteractive, David Steinberg, at our booth At WebSummit]

Paddy G and Siddhartha Singh from Web Summit team tweeted about how Pepipost was one of the most hard working Startups at the conference. There were many mentions on Twitter of how well Pepipost fared at the summit.
Some of the mentions of Pepipost can be tracked here:


We also got the privilege of a special mention in Daniel Baur’s article “10 Startups Marketing Their Product Better Than You Did at WebSummit 2015”.

To know a little more about Pepipost’s adventures at Websummit, watch our Startup Van’s interview

We also took a step forward as we launched our Email Marketing Handbook, along with our knowledge partners, Emailmonks.

Special Thanks to IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland for all your great love and support for making this a success. We thank all those who supported and encouraged us by visiting us and sharing feedback which helps us push ourselves to continue creating the service that you love.

Now, we are highly excited to join the next big Tech conference, “Surge 2016” in India.



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