Announcing monthly pricing plans from Pepipost

Announcing monthly pricing plans from Pepipost

Posted under Company , Latest , Latest Trends on March 12, 2018

A lot has happened over the past 6 months. We’ve crossed the 20,000 customers’ milestone, launched our new upgraded app and expanded into the enterprise markets globally. In that time, we’ve listened to our amazing customers who’ve had some brilliant suggestions and got tons of feedback (a big thank you!). During our interaction, we realised that our flat pricing for all needed a relook. Today we’re excited to share our new pricing plans that provides better opportunities for everybody. Pepipost now offers monthly plans instead of flat pricing.

Monthly pricing plans to suit every business

Our pricing plans are adjusted as we introduce new features in our product and improve the overall Pepipost experience for our customers. View revised plans here.

On the surface, it might seem like an odd choice to drift away from pay-as-you-use flat pricing to monthly plans but it works out best for our customers. Let me explain. We’ve had flat pricing as our model since Pepipost’s inception and it worked out well for most of our customers. However, as we grew and started serving more customers we realised each has different needs.

That’s why we’ve designed our pricing plans to make it simpler for businesses of all sizes. Earlier you had to buy email credits and keep a close track to ensure you don’t run out of them. Not anymore. You rather just pay monthly and send emails without interruption. All extra emails will be billed in the next billing cycle.

One thing remains constant – your savings

Here’s a quick comparison:


Top 3 things you need to know about our new pricing

  1. Simple, flexible monthly pricing plans.

The good news is that you have a great deal of flexibility in how you choose plans. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime, at just a click of a button. It’s that simple really. Your monthly plan will be on automatic recurring payment. You pay once every month until you decide to cancel. There is no minimum term.

  1. And yes, there’ll always be a free plan.

Everything works just the same in the free plan. You can send 30,000 emails every month and access all features Pepipost has to offer – our one a kind live reporting that tells you your email metrics (sent, delivered, bounced, etc) right at that very moment, live tracking of our APIs, Subuser Management and much more. All features are available to all, regardless of plan size.

  1. We’re committed to making emails free and easy.

We care a great deal about the email ecosystem and encourage and reward our clients for their good sender practices. Our pricing always reflected this. We are the world’s only ESP that doesn’t charge you for emails opened. In our new pricing, we make it even better for you. Instead of returning email credits for all the emails opened, we provide cashback on those emails. This cashback gets discounted in your monthly bills. So you can actually track the savings you’ve had each month for being a good email sender.

For our existing customers…

For our existing paying customers, nothing changes until you want to switch! You’ll be able to keep your current plan as long as you want, but we hope you’ll see more value in the new system.

Please note: Existing clients can migrate to new pricing plans from 30th April, 2018.

Got any questions?

Taking the best care of our customers is super important for us. We’ve compiled an easy reference guide on new pricing where you’ll find answers to all your questions about our plans and pricing.

If you need help in choosing the plan that best suits your needs or need guidance whether to stick to current plan or make the switch, we’ll be more than happy to help. Just drop us a line at or connect with us on our Live Chat.

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