10 Hacks to Integrate Your Email Marketing with Social Media Activities

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Think of the most powerful, widely used, and results-oriented marketing channels. What comes to your mind? To most, it is either email or social media. While social media marketing works best for reaching new people, there’s nothing better than email marketing to nurture their initial interest. The secret sauce behind most successful brands is a holistic approach to their digital marketing strategies.

According to the marketing rule of seven, a prospect needs to have at least seven touch points before they’ll take action to buy that product or service. By increasing and integrating your brand presence on multiple channels, you’re making your chances of success more favourable and leaving your customers with a better experience.

To improve your marketing efforts, let’s explore the best ways to integrate email marketing with social media.

1. Sync Your Social Media and Email Marketing Calendars

You might have your email marketing and social media teams working effectively and diligently following the monthly/quarterly editorial calendars. But do they work in tandem or in silos?

Calendars make it easier to work together, promote new initiatives, and avoid conflict. And with a synchronized calendar, everyone is on the same page with a clear status of each campaign.

2. Leverage Your Social Media Channels to Amp Up Your Email List

Your existing social media fanbase is the most likely audience to become your email subscribers. All you need is a creative way to encourage your social media followers to subscribe to your newsletters.

Here’s how Intercom is encouraging their Twitter followers to sign up for their weekly newsletter community.

Incentives and giveaways can make this journey easy, so don’t leave that possibility untapped.

3. Follow Your Subscribers Wherever They Are

The idea might sound creepy, but when done right, your customers love the effort you put into understanding them better.

Social media channels allow you to check out your audience’s activities on their feeds. Their social engagement gives you more data about what resonates with them. You can then use those insights to better understand their needs and design products that will hit the right chord.

Adobe’s timely interactions with their customers on Twitter is a great example of the customer experience they provide. If you were Rob, wouldn’t you have liked it too?

4. Run Retargeting Ads on Your Subscribers

When you send emails to your prospects, you get hot, warm, and cold prospects based on their response to your emails.

What could be a better way of leveraging those classifications than targeted ads specific to what stage they are in? By doing so, you can specifically reach out to the most qualified prospects, making your strategy more cost-effective.

You can optimize your conversion rate by installing a tracking code on your website. This will cookie your visitors and show them ads on their social media. It also protects you from showing ads randomly to social media users.

5. Use Lead-Gen Ads to Capture Email Addresses

Most social media networks provide native lead generation forms. These forms auto-populate user details so they don't have to enter their information all over again. This, in turn, gives them a better experience.

You can use these forms to run ads targeting the desired audience to get their email addresses. According to LinkedIn, Lead gen forms increase conversions by 2-3x compared to the standard sponsored content campaigns.
You can try Twitter Cards and Facebook lead gen forms as well.

6. Launch Contest and Giveaways for Signups

People love contests and giveaways. It’s not just a great way of creating engagement but it can also help you grow your email list. All it takes is the right combination of design, messaging, call-to-action, and prizes.

Soon, you’ll have people signing up for your newsletter for a fair chance to win the contest. There’s no limit to creativity when it comes to social media, so feel free to experiment with your ideas. You can always refer to some great work done by other brands to get some inspiration.

Here’s one simple yet cool example of a newsletter subscription contest.

7. Embed Email Signups on Social Channels

While Facebook allows you to add a sign-up button on your page directly, you can find other ways to add your subscribe link as well.

Your Instagram bio, Pins (for Pinterest), and Snapchat updates are among the best places to add the email subscription link for your followers.

8. Email Your Social Updates Regularly

Share your latest social media announcements via email with social share buttons. Options like click-to-tweet will encourage your email subscribers to spread the word.

This type of integration especially helps to promote your upcoming events across social media.

9. Work with Influencers to Add Value

Influencers have already built trust among their fanbases.

You just need to leverage those fan bases by working with the right influencers who can genuinely add value to your brand. You can integrate your product promotion campaigns into their email and social media content. To quickly discover influencers within your niche and location, you can use platforms like Influence.co

This platform comes with advanced filter options like reach, rates, location, and follower count, which makes your search easy.

10. Create Exclusive Communities Through Custom Hashtags

Make your subscribers feel exclusive.

Create VIP communities with cool hashtags for your active audience and ask them to join through emails/social media. Give them the privilege of valuable insights, exclusive offers, and amazing deals.

Don't leave hashtag marketing untapped either. Create your own hashtags to set the community apart from the masses and unify them.

Over to You

The hacks mentioned above have helped the most renowned brands achieve great success.

Now it’s time for you to get started with integrating your email and social media marketing. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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