Why we built a new documentation (and you should, too!)

Why we built a new documentation (and you should, too!)

Posted under Company , Developer on April 3, 2018

A lot of companies offer product documentation that frustrates rather than impresses customers. It obviously isn’t intentional. However, brands today do not realize the potential damage a bad documentation can cause.

Even the greatest of products fails to impress if it has a poor documentation.

Here’s why it’s important to have a good documentation

1. It speaks to your customers: Not every time your customer reaches out to email or chat for support. Documentation is the best way your product can speak for you. Make sure your documentation speaks the same language as you. Unless you are boring, don’t create a bad impression of your brand by having a documentation that sucks. There are ways to make them cool, interesting and fun.

2. Helps across every stage of funnel: Each one visiting the documentation page has different needs –

  • Exploring your product
  • Trying to get started
  • Stuck and needs help

Documentation is not just for your existing customers but also for your prospects. It’s like a first impression to developers, so spend that extra time in getting your documentation right and addressing possible queries across all stages of the customer & product funnel.

3. It’s about making things easy for your customers: Reducing customers’ effort and minimizing phone, chat and email interactions to get started on your product or resolve problems is the trick to ‘wow’ your customers. And right documentation plays a key role, especially if you are a tech company.

4. It’s your new social channel: Documentation is your way to connect with like-minded people and build a community. You can collaborate by asking users to suggest changes, start a forum and at large, use it effectively as a social channel to engage and collaborate with developers. There are a host of interactive documentation tools available in the market to make your job easy.

5. Pitch more features: We spend so much time in releasing new features but much of the success depends on how many are using it and most importantly how many are aware about it. When explaining and giving instructions in your documentation, you may introduce features that would be useful. This is a good way to get customers to know more about your product capabilities and engage better.

6. It separates you from competition: A great product is good to have, but not enough. What makes you unique is the attention to detail, going that extra step to solve problems. You know developers hate being sold to and rather prefer to code. Show them how you’ve built a useful product and help them discover your product more. Put yourself in developers’ shoes and outdo their expectations. This is what sets you apart from rest.

7. It improves your brand’s visibility: Big brands with bigger budgets and large teams working dedicatedly on SEO have tons of advantage over you. They can get away with ignoring the basics, they don’t have to try had for link building and almost always figure out on top for all keywords that you so relentlessly work hard to rank for. 

Come to think of it, your documentation is filled up with those very keywords. It’s an incredible SEO asset that brands usually ignore. You can create a densely linked documentation with well-defined structure that’ll bring in steady flow of traffic.

Announcing our new developer friendly documentation

We are happy to announce the release of our new documentation for Pepipost APIs. Our dev team is really excited with the new architecture of our docs and I highly recommend you take a few minutes to go through it. Stay tuned to hear more from Dibya who’ll take you through the changes that we’ve done to make it easier for developers to navigate.

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Sita Kalluri|Head - Marketing & Branding

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