How to increase your email open rates ? – Part II

How to increase your email open rates ? – Part II

Posted under Email Best Practices on January 20, 2016

(This is in continuation to the article with regard to How to increase your Email Open Rate?- Part I)

A quick recap of the earlier article: We had covered the idea of Micro Yeses and what happens if your customer answers yes to all of those questions.
In this article, we will discuss what would happen if somewhere in that series, your customer answers a “no” to a question.

If a customer does answer a question with “no”, this is known as a “Misalignment”. It is one of the surest and fastest ways of losing customers.
But why does this happen?
As mentioned before, one of the reasons could be excessive or insufficient information with regard to what you are marketing.
Another major reason is deception. Nobody likes being lied to. Similarly, if the subject of your email claims to be with regard to something, but the actual content has hardly anything in common to the subject given, the customer will feel deceived thus decreasing their confidence in you.

Example: The subject line reads “Great sales on dresses his week” but the headline reads “30% off on all products” and a major part of your email content is information on an assortment of random products.

Is the email factually wrong? No.
Does it feel disconnected? Yes. Because of this, the customer will refuse to give you or your emails a second chance. Over such a minute yet enormous error in judgment, you stand to lose quite a few customers.

But don’t pictures speak louder than words?
This holds true even while trying to capture the imagination of your customer. Pictures convey more messages and ideas in the same time than words do. And this is a tool that you, as a marketer, should make complete and total use of. As pictures are more expressive than words, they are far better accepted by customers. This will help you gain more yeses. However, the same rules apply to pictures as those which we went over for words.

One important thing to remember while drafting your emails, to get your customers to engage them is that customers don’t always read an email in order. Therefore, as a marketer, you should try and keep every element as self-explanatory as possible. This will ensure that, even if your customer reads only certain parts of your entire email, he will still know exactly what you are talking about.

Lastly, presentation of all of your content also matters. More than other aspects of your email, this will be that element which stands out from the rest and makes or breaks your case. The presentation of your email should attract the customer and be able to maintain his attention to seek more of what you want to tell them. This is relatively more important than other elements because the human mind has a very short attention span. And it is up to you and what you send your customer which will determine whether they accept or reject your product. Think of it like a window at a mall; more the enticing mannequins and their clothes, more will your attention go back to them.

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