Hack Yeah! Take the 1Lac challenge at I_Hack event, IIT Mumbai

Hack Yeah! Take the 1Lac challenge at I_Hack event, IIT Mumbai

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If you are a developer, a jack of all trades, love hacking things up, then this is surely the place to be this new year. Join the community of more than 20,000 attendees and start solving coding challenges by Pepipost at the I_Hack event, IIT Mumbai.

We’re proud to a sponsor at I_Hack Hackathon event at IIT Mumbai, but we are even more excited to give away prizes worth INR 1Lac to the I_Hack challenge winner.

So, hackathon season is upon us. Unleash your inner hacker and build something awesome and let your hacks win you great prizes.

Pepipost loves mentoring at hackathons and we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your first hackathon experience.

What is I_Hack?

I_Hack, an event organised by IIT, Mumbai where best coders, developers, designers, innovators, entrepreneurs come together. I_Hack is geared up for those who are passionate about building, designing and disrupting. It is a 48 hours event where the enthusiasts meet, develop and compete in the product prototyping competition.

A step by step guide to make you ready for I_Hack

Step 1: Go to www.ecell.in/esummit/ihack/reg.php and get yourself registered, before it’s too late.

Step2: Take a look at the challenges we’ve for you

  • AI based Spam Detection: Build a system which will continuously take email stream as input and using the AI/ML algorithms, it will detect the indent of email like whether it’s a Personal, Transactional, Promotional or Phishing email.
  • Faster On-boarding: Study the current Pepipost user on-boarding flow, which includes the steps from signup to send the first test email. Based on your observations, propose how the entire user on-boarding can be further enhanced. You need to create the wire-frames, clickable and interactive prototypes.
  • Open Source MTA: Design a Mail Transfer Agent which will fetch data from REDIS and make a SMTP connection to deliver the email to the outside world. There should be a recipient domain (@gmail.com, yahoo.com etc) wise config file where it will be able to do DKIM signing and control the speed of emails.
  • Email bot: Use AI to read and interpret an incoming email and reply to the sender to start interaction. All new interactions should be based on previous interactions. It can be used to close sales lead faster where the bot will also ask relevant questions to get more information about the user’s requirement and help in suggesting the right product.

Detailed view: https://www.ecell.in/esummit/ihack/Pepipost_PS.pdf

Step 3: Take some time to think on your strengths, weakness and choose the challenge accordingly. Remember, this decision will help you win 1 Lac worth prizes.

Step 4: Make a decision as to which development stack you would like to use and be sure that your environment is properly setup. No one wants to waste time downloading and setting up things when others have already started hacking.

Step 5: Start Hacking…

Have a look at the full schedule

What’s in for a hackathon rookie?

It’s your first Hackathon? Make it a fun and enjoyable experience. It’s unlikely to dominate the competition and win all the prizes your first time. At the event 680+ start-ups, 150+ speakers, 20000+ attendees, be sure to go around all the participants. So take every opportunity to learn and prepare for the next hackathon.

So at the end of the hackathon if you have a project that isn’t a finished one, but you’ve an in depth, all-inclusive knowledge of a technology you’ve been wanting to learn, it’s a great win.

Reader, have a tip for the newbies? Drop it in the comment section below.

See you at the event. Happy Hacking! 🙂

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