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Have you thought about how your customer data is stored by your email service providers?

A major concern for businesses working on their email marketing is customer data security.

When you use an email service provider, you entrust your email lists to them and “hope” they store it in a secure manner. But do they?

Most email service providers save email addresses in plain-text.

What’s wrong with plain-text?

If anyone (and I mean hackers) gains access to your personal database of plain-text emails, it’s a goldmine for spamming. Thousands of active and targeted email addresses for free.

And what if the emails stored by an email service provider are in plain-text? That’s literally MILLIONS of emails.

It’s not just your customers’ information, but your business reputation that’s at stake!

See the problem with plain-text email addresses? We did too.

So we decided to solve the problem for all of our customers.

Introducing One-Way Customer Data Encryption

You’re a single step away from encrypting and securing your customer email addresses.

In your Pepipost account email settings, just opt-in to enable email recipient encryption. That’s it!

This added security will be layered on top of the existing security measures that we take to secure all your data on the back-end.

plain text vs encrypted text

Benefits of Encrypting Customer Data

Your customers will trust you more. Businesses that value data privacy, gain more trust and reputation among their customers.

We’ve incorporated this optional one-way encryption algorithm so the data cannot be decrypted. This will add an additional layer of security to your database making it extremely secure.

What Changes After Encryption

In this day and age of data theft, added security always helps. And as we mentioned before, customers will love you for it. But I'm sure you already know that security comes with some hiccups in usability.

Some things will change even on our systems end when you opt-in for encryption.

Here is the list of changes:

  • All new data is encrypted. Data existing on the system stays the same
  • Opt-out at any point in time. NOTE: Encrypted data cannot be decrypted
  • As our system no longer knows the emails, live feeds and analytics will show encrypted email addresses
  • Search functionality will be limited as it will be difficult to search through encrypted emails
  • Some analytics that depends on email addresses will not be available.

A Snap of the dashboard, how you are going to see the encryption on live feed

Who should encrypt their customer data?

We would love to see all of our clients take advantage of this security feature. But this is a decision that needs to be made based on your business needs.

If some minor limitations in functionality don’t deter you, and information privacy is of utmost importance, it would be the right choice for you to opt-in!

But if you use most of the functionality listed above, you should consider if you’re fine with the trade-off.

And finally…

It’s time for you to take a step towards the privacy of your customer data. It’s a feature that allows you to gain more trust from your customers and allows you to also prevent any malicious users from gaining access to it.

Chat with us to know more.

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