Enhancing Email Security with Pepipost

Enhancing Email Security with Pepipost

Posted under Email Best Practices on September 11, 2015

Email security has been on top of the priority list of businesses for years. However, businesses are still uncertain about how secured the cloud-based email servers are? Here is the answer;

As a developer, I’ve been dealing with SMTP relay servers for past couple of years. And my experience says that email security isn’t about in-house or cloud-based server architecture – both can be infected by the attack because email is an entity on the internet. Our research shows that there are majorly 5 types of security attacks (while there are others also) that need to be eliminated from emails. All these are from the payload of incoming packets. We have worked hard to build technologies which can offer clean email sending via our platform.


Some of the possible attacks, which you can easily understand:

  1. Privacy attack through Web Bug: Sometimes this happens because of the malicious tracking links, images and background sound tags present inside the email. These malicious tags track the user’s system information, IP address, and location and try to serve different ads.
  2. Active content attacks: Attacker uses the active HTML and scripting language to achieve this. Various scripting languages used mostly are JS and VBScript to retrieve the private information from the user’s computer.
  3. Buffer overflow attacks: Over here, large files are sent in emails so that it doesn’t fit in the memory buffer of the email client. You might have observed that sometimes you receive a malicious email with large files, those actually are buffer overflow attacks. Here the attacker is trying to take a control on the buffer memory.
  4. Trojan Horse attacks: These generally come as an attachment in the email where file extension seems to be like an image, doc, spreadsheet etc.
  5. Shell Script attacks: Some Unix shell script command is included in the message headers. If the mail client is configured improperly these commands will get executed.


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