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Over the course of the month, we’ve worked hard to find ways to enhance data security and make sure that you know your data is safe when working with us.

The two significant data security updates this month are:

The data retention policy has been in place since the beginning of Pepipost but we wanted to elaborate on this today.

What Data Are We Referring To?

Email transaction logs including the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data is maintained for a limited time of 90 days after they first hit our servers.

This data is maintained for enough time to provide you with analytics, click and open rates, and other tracking information. After the retention time expires, we auto-purge all the data that was retained.

How long do we maintain the data and is your data secure?

Our current purge cycle is 90 days during which we hold all the information for you to access and export.
For the time we hold your data on our servers, the data is stored on secure encrypted storage. Our data security combines Netcore’s 20 years of experience in the email industry and managing data for billions of emails and contacts.

How to Delete your data before time?

If you want us to purge all your data before the 90 days retention time make sure you export the required data first. You can then click on the chat button on the bottom right of your screen or send us an email at letting us know about the data removal.

We will get back to you with confirmation at the earliest.

Till then, to know more about Pepipost feel free to check Documentations and Blog section of Pepipost.



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