How Pepipost delights customers and employees alike

How Pepipost delights customers and employees alike

Posted under Company , Startup on October 20, 2016

It’s all about happy customers

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.”

 – Tony Hsieh

A sagacious piece of advice by CEO of Zappos. We at Pepipost too put customers at the heart of everything we do. Delighting customers in a competitive world is no easy task. It’s like a battleground out there where all companies station and assign their best warriors to win and woo customers. We did too, and the results are more than pleasing.

G2 Crowd Fall 2016 Transactional Email Report ranked Pepipost #1 in customer satisfaction.

This is indeed a significant achievement for a company that’s just over a year old. And it wouldn’t have been possible without our customer success heroes – the developer evangelists available 24X7 to keep customer problems at bay and our compliance experts who maintain the email performance graph high with all their might.

This calls for a celebration

The team is yet to hear the big news. We planned to throw a surprise party in recognition of their efforts that have won us the laurels.

The Setting

It all starts with a message from the co-founder late in the night.

There is going to be a company meeting at 10 a.m

This rather terse message has the team in a fix. At Pepipost, teams meet for brainstorming, blog jamming, ideating, radical thinking… This ‘company meeting’ sounded rather orthodox and got them worried.

A big Surprise awaits the next day

Pepipost celebration of customers

The place was completely transformed into a makeshift celebratory room. There were balloons everywhere, and our desks were decorated with ribbons, flowers and wink face emoji badges.

The Kings of glory

Life at Pepipost is anything but ordinary and mundane. No wonder then that the surprise party planned was different. We decided to crown them as Kings for the brilliant job done – of putting in that little bit extra effort and going out of the way to help customers.

Pepipost crown for happy customers

Cake, Gifts and more

What’s more apt for a tech geek than a pair of head phones that drowns out the outside world and creates a world of his own? Our geeks simply loved the gift!

prathamesh pepipost

The reactions

Thoroughly stumped by all the attention and love from fellow Pepis, the team had a few words for us.

“Life of a developer is all about being multi-faceted – coding, email deliverability, infrastructure, problem-solving, etc. But the most rewarding experience is being there for customers even at odd hours, resolving their issues and putting a smile on their face. I am lucky to work for a company that recognises these efforts. And to be treated like this like a king… this happens only at Pepipost :)” – Ashish, Developer Evangelist at Pepipost

“All this makes us feel so special and loved. The gift is amazing.. these are the same headphone which A.R. Rehman uses for his practice.” – Prathamesh, Developer Evangelist at Pepipost

Precious moments captured

pepi team

The report is an exemplary example of how customers of Pepipost feel. Life as an employee is no less different. Even employees are treated as if they are customers.



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