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Email marketing is a potential tool to acquire the attention of your audience. It is an awe-inspiring medium to produce leads and enhance the conversion rate. Businesses are extensively using this technique to reach new and existing clients for multiple reasons. Although the success rate differs and depends on a lot of different aspects, there is no doubt this technique is widely used across different industries.


Many companies are now offering email marketing services, and the number is rising. This is due to its high demand and its use in increasing the company’s reach and revenue. The revenue for such marketing agencies is increasing. On the other hand, this is adding to the cost of businesses. To save some money, you can avail exciting deals on email features from DealMeCoupon.


Keep its significance in mind, here we have assembled the list of best emailing practices of 2021 which can prove to be beneficial for your business:

1. Don't purchase contact lists.

Emailing crusades usually rely upon an open rate in a good position, in case you are connecting with people whose data you have purchased. If you do not earn from your prior emails, it will downslide your efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Avoid using 'No-Reply' in the sender's email address.

You might have heard of CAN-SPAM? This is the masterpiece of regulations, famous, and a paramount roadmap to email marketing in the US. Many companies strive to abide by it. One of the prominent rules of CAN-SPAM is never to practice the phrase such as ‘no reply’ or any same name or sender’s name. For instance, “”.

3. Stick to fewer than three typefaces.

The lesser the mess you have in your email, the greater conversions you will acquire. Never try to clutter your email with greater than two, or optimum three, fonts.

4. Optimize the email's preview text.

You witness any link in the marketing emails you receive and do not get irritated. It is beneficial for the companies. It can be a warning too. Keeping things in the preview text of the email may prove to be a death sentence for your email’s open rate. It averages around 22 % throughout the industries, as per the report of GetResponse. In an ulterior sense, you kind of tell people that “this email may not work”.

5. Include an email signature.

People usually get more enticed to read when they get an email from the individuals rather than a group of marketing teams. Although your newsletter is technically sent to the contacts in your list, the email should incorporate the signature of any individual. It is a psychologically proven fact people tend to move to the things which are confirmed with authority at their back.

6. Clean your mailing list regularly.

Some of the emails on your contact list may not be able to turn the audience into customers. It is because many people email as soon as they see it. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the number of audiences to whom you send emails regularly. Engaging with the least involved recipients may prove to be fatal for your open rate. Analyze your content’s quality from the responses of loyal customers. People who do not respond to an email may sound like your email marketing campaign is the worst. Declutter your mailing list regularly.

7. Keep the main message and call-to-action above the fold.

Ensure that your call-to-action CTA does not fall below the fold. It becomes harder for the recipients to read if you keep it in the lower parts. CTA should be used in repetition throughout the email at least thrice in different spots and formats.

8. Personalize the email greeting.

Have you ever read an email with the words "Dear Member"? You may also segment your audiences by their variety, for instance, member, subscriber, user, etc. Keep in mind that this should not be the first phrase that a customer has its glance upon in your message. Rather if you try to personalize the email and mail the respective person with its first, it will resultantly grasp readers’ attention even more.

9. Keep your email 500-650 pixels wide.

Choose pixels wisely. If the size of the template you send is greater than 650 pixels, the recipient will have to scroll down to read the complete message horizontally. It becomes more perplexing for the customer who tries to read it on his/her mobile device. Your email’s pixel plays a very important role in mesmerizing the reader.

10. A/B test different subject lines and calls to action.

In case you confront the likelihood of not increasing the email’s open and conversion rates, keep eagle on the parameters. Many things might be going wrong. Improve the quality of your content. Make the top of emails more engaging and exciting. To further zoom in, take out the A/B test. Always prefer using an email subject line tester before sending any emails for better email open rates.


The significance of email as a tool in today’s marketing arena is undeniable. Emailing hacks have enabled companies to handle their hectic task with a single touch. Adding on the latest emailing features with every passing day is profiting companies a lot. Indeed, the abovementioned tips and tricks can benefit companies a lot.


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