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Along with social media, email has become a vital communication and marketing tool for organizations wanting to engage with consumers. As a result, the total number of emails exchanged worldwide grew by 45 percent year on year. And today, in 2021, email marketers are sending 27% more emails.

Our approach to email marketing, like so many other aspects of lives, just had to undergo a quick transition in 2020. In fact, the pandemic influenced a lot. That’s the very reason why email marketing should be approached in a special way. Experts claim: automation and personalization will remain essential in the future and can be enhanced by incorporating artificial intelligence into the mix.

In this article, you can find email marketing major approaches for boosting your strategy. It's time to look ahead at the possibilities.

#1 Emails That Make A Comeback

Let me begin by noting that appropriate visuals are a crucial element of email marketing.

To entice readers to interact with your material and ultimately click through to your offer, you must include a compelling visual element that captures their attention. This frequently entails using eye-catching, jaw-dropping pictures, shape generators, or infographics. However, you can absolutely overdo it to the point where emails get saturated with images to the point where they appear cluttered and overly "busy."
If you want to keep it short and visually appealing try also using flyer templates online to boost your company's strategy.
Long emails with no charts or visuals almost never get a response. Using too many images, on the other hand, is not a good idea. Attempt to use 70% of the information and 30% of the image. You're going to hit the top.

Remember, your email takes your audience’s time. If they have taken the time to open your email, you should provide them with enough value to make it worthwhile for them to do so. If your email squandered their time, they will not open the next one.

#2 Using AI Capabilities

Speaking of cutting-edge technology, the most effective email marketing approach you should take into account is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). 2021 is a formal tipping point for AI to be included into email marketing in a surprising number of ways.

The sad reality is that far too many marketers still rely on gut instinct and let their workers send the same subject lines and not personalized content. They determine the send time and structure as well. But why spend so many hours on the things that AI does in seconds? AI, in many cases, may be utilized to create compelling subject lines that surpass what even the most talented copywriters can produce. Aside from that, AI employs algorithms to produce subject lines that will entice a greater click-through rate. It examines the outcomes of each unique marketing effort in order to optimize and enhance your topic lines over time.

Hyper-personalization is another application of AI in email marketing. We’ve already spoken about how important personalization is in email marketing. And all of the processes can be implemented by AI for sure. Besides, AI can help you to target your audience and determine their preferences based on their activity and engagement with your links. You can even use AI to manage the company's human resources and other campaigns.

#3 Make Your Emails Personalized

The most significant advantage of email as a marketing tool is the ability to get personal. This entails delivering personalized emails to each subscriber. You may have millions of subscribers and yet treat each one as an individual.

When the subject line of an email is personalized, it increases the likelihood of the recipient clicking on the message in their inbox by 26%, and personalized calls to action are twice as effective as generic calls to action. Include your customer's name at the start of your letter if you know it. Pay attention to bcc and cc. If you send emails to all of your clients at once without using bcc or cc, it is more likely that they will be labeled spam.

#4 Strike A Balance Between SMS and Email

Still, thinking about what is more effective to use? Both text message marketing and email have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they are best used in tandem.
Long story short, SMS integration is ideal for communications that require two-way contacts, such as time-sensitive information, urgent requests, or messages that require time-sensitive information. Though email is ideal for long materials that contain rich media or can be retrieved later.

When you want your customers to know about the sales you have, you can send a short SMS note about it and a bit longer email with your catalog. Even if SMS is your preferred technique, using email to bring clients' attention is a sensible investment that makes intelligent use of marketing resources.
In general, email allows for more creative freedom, with ample area for pictures, graphics, and calls to action (CTAs). Thus it builds a strong user acquisition and boosts your company’s marketing strategy.

#5 User-Generated Content (UGC)

Another major trend that began earlier in 2020 and is likely to peak in 2021 is the usage of user-generated content in email marketing campaigns. User-generated content (UGC) is any type of material made by end-users of goods or services (text, videos, pictures, or audio).

Let’s agree that all of us like to learn about other’s experiences. Why not share it with your customers?
Lately, one of the cryptocurrency companies has started a campaign of storytelling, where users speak about their Bitcoin experience and once a week gets an email with others' stories. Here the empathy and interest toward customers make a great impact on the company’s activity.

UGC ranks high in all business types. Unlock the phone, take a photo of your favourite food, and email it to the restaurant. You are more likely to be included in a new food business marketing campaign. Email marketers are well aware that user-generated content (UGC) receives a five times higher click-through rate than any other type of material.

#6 Accessibility

Make your emails accessible to everyone. Try to have both mobile and desktop optimization for the content you send. It is critical to guarantee that your message is received and understood by everyone - regardless of ability, demography, or device. Simple things to consider are easy-to-read text and clear pictures, as well as clever use of typeface, font size, and color to produce a fantastic user experience.

Make use of headers. When you utilize headers, screen reader users may figure out the page's hierarchy. As well as to show content, use tables. This allows users who just have keyboard access to make greater sense of the information.
As you can see, there is no need to go out of your way to make emails accessible. Simply devote some effort to effective design!

#7 Send Time Optimization

One of the most confusing problems that email marketers have faced for years: "When the hell should I send out emails?"

We’ve got your back in this question. Send Time Optimization uses data science to predict when your contacts are most likely to interact. Thus, you can send several emails during a month and generate the best time for your target audience.

It also depends on the customers’ field you are reaching out to. You know that a lot of workers are more likely to check their emails in the morning. The next favorite time for sending emails is after the break time.

Moreover, you can schedule some of your letters in advance. For your information, it is as easy to schedule emails as to schedule social media posts.

#8 Authenticity

In this always-changing world, something that remains the same is authenticity. Authenticity is all about striking a balance between customer growth and keeping your current subscriber base motivated, engaged, and appreciated in order to maintain confidence in your company.

Being honest and upfront with your audience is one of the greatest ways to do this. A fantastic example of this is an IT and business company campaign displaying genuine devotion to its readers by sending out emails promoting topics near to the organization's heart, such as how to make a buyer persona, time management, etc. Why do customers need so? First, they get acquainted with the company's activity, then they get some useful information. If they have given their consent to receive emails, try to give them value. That’s how it works.

#9 Video Marketing in Email

Because video is such a popular marketing tool, including it in your email marketing may engage your subscribers and improve conversions. You may get into the imagination of an audience that consumes information visually by employing video - sometimes words simply don't cut it. You may use video to make complex topics more appealing to your audience.

Here you can also use User-generated content such as video marketing statistics, short motivational videos, etc.

For example, Igloo Software opted to showcase its working culture by producing 200 films in three months for future email content. This strategy increased their CTR by a factor of two. In the same way, video marketing is a well-designed tool for online advertising. You can shoot your content in an appealing way and even show the process. Users really appreciate it!

To wrap it all up

Email marketing will always be a vital technique for informing your consumers about special deals, new items, or special promotions. 

New and innovative technologies direct you to continually adjust your approach to stay up-to-date. Some of our above-mentioned approaches may be recognizable to you already, indicating that they are becoming increasingly significant. 

The overall use of AI and the latest technologies emphasizes the need of standing out with a distinct message, delivering something with a personal touch, and inviting readers to connect.



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