How to Add & Verify my Domain?

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The first step to setup Pepipost is to add your domains.

Before you can start sending emails through Pepipost using your company’s domain, you need to know how to add and verify the domains. The verification is done to ensure your domain’s security.

How To add a domain:

  • Go to Domain management.
  • In Add your Domain field, type the name of the domain that you want to add.


  • Click +Add button.

Note: Only corporate domains are allowed. You cannot add public/free domains like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

Step 1: Domain Verification

Domain verification is required to verify that you are owner of your domain
For domain verification, you need to update your DNS record with a unique key generated by Pepipost, which you will get on pop up by clicking on verify TXT.


For DNS settings, you will be required to go to the panel provided by your domain/hosting provider and add the TXT record for your domain.

Once you have added the key, click on verify TXT option, and you will find that it is verified.

Step 2: SPF Validation

Once the domain is successfully verified. The next step is to authenticate your domain to send emails using Pepipost. This process is known as SPF (Sender Policy Framework).

The steps for domain authentication is quite simple. You need to go to your hosting provider's panel and update the TXT record of your sender domain.

The most common mistake when setting up SPF is having multiple SPF TXT entries in your DNS. If you do, the receiving server won't know which SPF TXT entry is the definitive entry. This can result in valid servers failing SPF. So whenever you need to add SPF information for a new service, always make sure that you don’t have an existing SPF TXT entry first. If you already have an entry, you’ll only need to add the service to that entry.

For example, if you just signed up for Pepipost, and have never added a TXT entry to your DNS for SPF, you’d need to the following as a new TXT entry:

v=spf1 a mx ~all

If later, you setup an account with Google, you’d need to add the following to your SPF record:

...and your SPF record would end up looking like:

v=spf1 a mx ~all

txt1Step 3: DKIM Settings (Optional)

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a method to validate the authenticity of email messages. When each email is sent, it is signed using a private key and then validated on the receiving mail server (or ISP) using a public key that is in DNS. This process verifies that the message was not altered during transit.

To validate your domain just add another TXT with its name as

and values as

k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDLMMExLiGRqzJkNdNIjUnLX7JL0wjbwwENDoXgJIBisIsrofLPetZM401dioNU8k/Qp6nIyi5oioyZh+1jDXoCPFa4nLGRNj3Nz785N7b76aTtHmy2wTgR2LFS/Yw5/iyzhyrWsIyINyyHs77EoCwSOQjJfhFxb6SmifLN51IIvwIDAQAB


Once you have added the key, click on verify DKIM option, and you will find that it is verified.


Step 4: Domain Approval

All verified sender domains will be automatically sent to our Deliverability Experts Team for review. Once it is approved by our team, you can start using this sender domain for sending emails.

Generally, domains are reviewed within 24 hours of submission, but during peak hours it might take up to 48 hours. But, there is a provision in the domain management page to Fast Track the review process. You can just fill up the questions asked and your domain will be under Fast Track Approval.

While we consider a domain on multiple factors. But, some of the possible reasons for rejection are:

  1. The domain doesn't have a website representing its core business area.
  2. The domain get's redirected to some other website which is not associated with the same owner.
  3. The content of the website seems to be phishing or belongs to a business which is under our blacklist list.
  4. There is no subscription/signup form on your website or if it's there, then it's not functioning.

Still confused? Just drop an email on or Chat with us.

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