5 factors to consider before building a Web App

5 factors to consider before building a Web App

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Do you have a great idea of developing a revolutionary web app? Amazing, but how are you going to develop it? What factors do you consider while creating an app? These are some very obvious questions you must ask yourself before you move forward and start developing your revolutionary app.

Here are few highlighted key factors on which every developer must focus on before developing their app.

1.Requirement Analysis:

Fundamental step in every app development is requirement analysis. This is the step for defining user expectations for a new app to be built.

Requirement analysis becomes a very important step before developing an application as it conveys the expectation of users from the app. These requirements can be expected or unexpected, obvious or hidden.

So it is very important to know the customer requirement, your application development’s success depends on strong analysis.

Q. How can you analyze?

Ask your customer about the problem and what solution they want. Get detailed requirements from them which will make you develop an application with ease.

2. Design & Usability:

If you fail to crack this, your entire app is a failure. Design plays a vital role, your design should be as simple as possible. Any layman should understand what is an application is made for without the help of any documentation. Designs that look simpler and organized are generally more usable. Use a color which is pleasant to your eyes. Color schemes are more important than customers realize. Different colors have the ability to evoke emotional responses, such as calm, happiness, or frustration.

Design should be of such standard that it’s compatible with Multiple Browsers

3. Frameworks to choose:

After the design confirmation programming is the one which you are going to do continuously. Picking up a decent MVC framework would be a good idea for web application development. It makes your development process faster, easier and safer.

Q. Why you should go for the Frameworks?

Frameworks are the collection libraries and classes which offer a rich set of functionality. These are the features you may need to write by yourself if not using the framework. they have the piece of code which is already tested, you do not have to worry about that, nor there is a need to develop and test them, and invest time for the same.

4. Designing Database:

It is the most critical part of an application as it will store all the data of your application.

Optimized database design would give you a good performance. Make sure you understand the requirement the best way possible and then start designing the database. Additionally, don’t design the whole database in one go, divide into parts and then design. Design database as you develop your application modules.

Q. What should we keep in mind while designing Databases?

  • Keep the normalization and indexes concepts clear while developing databases.
  • Decide the tables required for particular module.
  • Create tables and map the relationships between concern tables.

“Requirement gathering plays a very important role while designing database”. As much as your requirements are cleared, the design of the database will be best.

5. Development Approach:

If you know agile development method, great follow it. In modular development, you will be dividing the whole project development into multiple fully functional modules. And you develop each module to make system working. It is seen that many developers do not follow particular development approach, things get very complicated with large and complex projects. This leads to a heap of bugs and frustration on development part and delay in delivery on customer part. Hence while developing any application “App development standards” should be followed.

There’s no sure shot success path of anything in this world, but these factors can definitely help you if you are setting up a long-lasting app.

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