3 reasons why you should be sending a welcome series

3 reasons why you should be sending a welcome series

Posted under Email Best Practices on July 23, 2015

If you are a seasoned email marketer, you already know that a welcome email is an incredibly powerful tool to on-board your new customer. While almost every other brand today sends a welcome email, we find that more than 60% of the brands send a single plain Jane ‘you are subscribed’ kind of welcome note rather than a well-planned series of welcome emails. Brands should realize that welcome email is more than an opportunity to say ‘hi’ and capitalize on the potential a series of emails would have to differentiate them from the rest.

3 reasons why you should be sending a welcome series:

1. Increase Engagement and improve inbox deliverability

Planning a series of email is a smart tactic to warm up your customer to your brand, increase engagement and improve deliverability. A series helps in gradually building trust and credibility of the brand and paves way for positive engagement. What’s more, it also gets you the thumbs up from MSPs who place high importance on engagement for delivering your emails in customers’ inbox.

2. Drip market your brand

You only get one chance to make the right first impression and welcome series gives you the perfect opportunity to extend this interaction. A series allows time for your customers to get to know you and your product/ service offering in a better way, thereby creating the right impression about your brand.

3. Increase customer life cycle

Get it right in the beginning itself will ensure you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Make an intelligent email series that will draw useful insights on your customer and helps you accurately plan an email strategy.

Some of the things you can incorporate in the email series to improve the customer life cycle are as follows:

-Capture customer preferences (what type of emails they prefer to receive) and send tailor-made emails
-Get customer attributes (location, birthday, gender, etc) so you know more about them and send meaningful and relevant emails
-Understand their email frequency preferences and reduce unsubscribe rate
-Share Easy-to-use information (store locations, e-catalogues, etc) so your customer can know more about your brand


In our next blog, we will be sharing with you some awesome examples of welcome email series.

Stay tuned!

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