SMTP Port 25

You may be familiar with the word – PORT. It is a very commonly used word in relation to computers. You might have headered from someone asking if your laptop has a USB or HDMI port. In a [...]


Almost every ESP does not accept connections on port 465. Port 465 was never published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an official SMTP transmission channel but was registered as [...]


Hope you got a chance to read our previous blog on Port 25. By this time I am sure you got to know about the various challenges with Port 25. Port 587 came into the picture, primarily to address [...]

What is Port 2525?

Port 2525 is used for secure submission of emails for delivery by modern ESPs. Unlike other SMTP ports, you will not find the port block issue with port 2525. As this is a non-standard port for [...]


A Web API is an application programming interface for a web browser or a web server which is a set of tools or functions that allows programmers to build applications. A Web API can be built on [...]


Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is used by applications and servers to access messages. IMAP allows you to retrieve messages without having to download it on your device but view it [...]