Power of Transactional Emails

August 10, 2016


Not all emails are created equal. Today when customers receive hundreds of emails in the inbox, it’s only a fraction of them that get their attention – the ones that are waited upon anxiously, that are welcomed. Yes, I am talking about transactional emails. These are emails that are triggered when a user takes some action. Some examples include – Password reset mail, shipping details, order confirmation, abandoned cart email, transaction summary.

We all know the importance of these transactional emails. Yet, as high as 55% of the companies are not at all capitalizing on it. Here I give a quick roundup on why it’s time you paid more attention to these transactional emails –

  • Eight fold open rates: The degree of open rates of transactional e-mails is as high as eight times that of promotional mail.

  • Six fold revenue generation: Transactional mails which constitute to only 3-5% of the total mails sent generate 6X more revenue than any other type of email. By contextual upselling/ cross selling and by relevant targeting, brands can maximize returns from transactional emails.

    Transactional Emails

  • Extra reading time: A recent trend shows that subscribers spend more reading time on transactional mails and that these mails are opened more than once. Another study corroborates this finding by stating that transactional messages sent by top-performing companies get opened almost four times each.

  • Creates the right first impression: Transactional mails are not only critical but are also expected by the subscribers and thus act as the first impression of a brand. Make best use of these emails to create long-lasting impression of their brand.

    Transactional Emails

  • Happy connects: Apart from first impression, transactional e-mails act as ‘happy connects’ to educate the customers, regain lost customer and also capture new leads thus calling for an excellent user experience.

    Transactional Emails

  • Domain reputation: Since these communications are always relevant, they have excellent deliverability thereby improving the domain reputation of the brand.

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